Re-Moda was born from an idea to do something against the overcrowded wardrobes of clothes and moths.

The great thing about it is that you can increase your pocket money or buy new clothes.

In addition, with your clothes you make other people happy to afford a lot of fashion for little money.

In addition, we all do something good for the conservation of resources and thus offer a significant contribution to sustainability and the environment.

Thomy and Jovie Furrer as founders

Frankie OlivaViva

as Web Master


Re-moda as one of the leading online platforms for preloved fashion has three motivations.


The resources in this world are not limitless. Millions of tons of clothes are disposed of every year. There is so much energy and valuable material in clothes. Our start-up wants to counteract this and make a contribution so that usable fashion gets a second chance and can bring joy to someone else for an indefinite period of time. So check out your closet and do something good for the environment.


Each of us has so many clothes in our closet, basement or attic that are never worn or just don't fit anymore. Forgotten treasures. Re-fashion gives you the chance to get rid of them. Create space in your closet and earn good money for new things quickly and easily. With little effort and a few steps you have created your own store with us and can sell throughout Europe. Do something good for your closet and wallet.


Re-moda is the online store for high quality branded clothing and accessories. With little money a lot of trendy fashion from A like Adidas to Z like Zara. With us you will find an incredible and comprehensive of seasonal clothes, basics, evergreens and accessories for every style, type and occasion. Do something good for you and your style

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