How to buy and sell on the Re-moda platform

Open your own online store at Re-moda

With a few clicks you are at your own store.

Upload photos of yourself (anonymously).

Introduce yourself to your customers.

Who are you, what is your style and circumstances (e.g. hobbies, non-smoking household, no pets etc.).

Imagine your customers entering a retail store.

They need to feel comfortable and then they are more likely to buy.

After registration you will receive an activation email from Re-moda.

Create a PayPal account, so that we can pay you after the appropriate sales.

If you do not have a PayPal account yet, you can create one with a few clicks HERE.

The Sale

The clothes should be washed and ironed.

Take pictures of your clothes and accessories (high quality photos, preferably pictures of wearing them in different poses).

Upload them to your store. Describe the item in detail and set a price.

Your offers are easily visible to a huge market.

Link to the Seller tips HERE.


Thanks to your accurate item description, professional photos and detailed selection fields, your products will be found faster and better.

The more time you take to set up your offers, the more you will make good sales.

The item will be added to the shopping cart and the buyer will pay for it immediately.


The purchase is completed by payment by credit card.

The article costs and the corresponding shipping costs are debited.

The payment goes in trust to Re-moda until the buyer has confirmed the receipt of the goods.


The seller has 72 hours to ship the item to the buyer according to the shipping method and service provider selected.

The tracking number must be provided to the buyer through the system.

Confirmation of receipt

The buyer receives his/her shipment and confirms its receipt and satisfaction within 48 hours.

Thus, the contract is fulfilled.



The sale is completed!

The payment will be immediately deposited into your PayPal account.

Keep it up....


Please leave an honest review after the sale is completed.

This is an important indicator of a professional online store owner.

Thank you very much.


In the course of buyer and seller protection there are possibilities for returns.

These must be claimed in writing within 48 hours after receipt of goods.

(This according to the Re-Moda Satisfied or money back page HERE).

Product added to wishlist

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