So now you have sorted your wardrobe and know which of your favourite pieces you want to give a second chance.

We have put together some very important tips that will help you find a buyer better and faster.

Good luck. Your Re-Moda Team.

Create a shop

To make your shop stand out, first give it a great name that is easy to remember.

Let the prospective buyers know something about you, who they will be buying from in the end.

What are your circumstances and interests, what kind of lifestyle do you have and what do you value when buying clothes.

Invite shoppers to come and browse where you have a good range of clothes. There should be at least 10 items of clothing or accessories.

The more the better.

Make sure that the items on offer are seasonal.

Create social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and link the products to your shop.


It is essential to post high quality photos.

Use either a good camera or a good mobile phone.

Only take photos in good daylight, because only then do the colours, shapes and details really come into their own.

If possible, always choose the same background.

You can edit the photos on your computer or mobile phone, add a frame or choose backgrounds.

After all, you want it to look professional and like a clothes catalogue.

Presentation of goods

This is the most important thing. With a great presentation you can increase sales to the maximum.

First of all, all clothes must be washed and ironed.

Then we recommend that you post only pictures of the clothes in use. You can pixelate the face and if you are camera shy, a colleague will certainly help and it will be twice as much fun.

Always take 3 perspective photos: Front view, side view and back view.

In addition, it is good to highlight details such as collars, patch pockets, belts, lining, label stickers and last but not least, if expensive items still have certificates or original invoices.

This creates trust.


Take a few minutes to tell the buyer something about the item of clothing, in which shop or place you bought it.

What occasion it was bought for.

What you experienced with it or on which holiday you wore it.

Then give information about the quality and condition, that it is as good as new, has only been worn once, comes from a non-smoking household, etc. All this helps the prospective buyer to make up his or her mind about the item.

All of this helps to get people interested in your item and they will add it to their shopping cart....

Product added to wishlist

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