Her is your guide to Create your Account, your Shop and add your First products

Any questions please contact us on info@re-moda.com

1. Create your account

Just fill in the required fields and click Get Started

You will be also added as a Customer automatically.

2. Create your Shop

Please choose your default language and country and fill out the required fields

Click on Go to Dashboard

Please wait till an administrator is activating your account.

You will receive an Email when activated, then just refresh the page...

3. Edit your Profile

Under Information

Add a Description about your Shop

4. Add Profile Images

Under Images

Add Profile Image and Shop Logo

5. Add your Social Profiles

Add your Social Profile ID's, just the ID's...

6. Check your Permissions

Check under Permissions and choose what will be displayed to customers.

Now we adding your First Product

If you running your Shop from Spain please translate Article name if necessary and the Article description into the other available languages to reach more clients…

Please use DeepL Translator LINK

Please don’t use Google!

Enter Product Name and Description, Condition and Quantity

Enter Category - Price

Click Save and Stay

If your Brand is not in the Categories you can add your brand here... 

Enter Brand or add New Brand

On Popup Window jusk click Ok, you just saved the product before

Next Step is to add image/s for your Product

Now in Product Details Create Combinations for your Product

Size - Colour - Material

Click after choosing Add

Finally add the weight of your product in order for the system to calculate the shipping cost

Click save and you are done, first Product added

Product added to wishlist

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